Modernizing the earnest money process.

As Fintech and mobile payments grew, the way earnest money was sent and received remained the same. That’s why our founders created Bank Shot, striving to find a way to use modern technology to make the real estate payment process easier, safer, and faster.

Now, hundreds of title companies, real estate agents, and tech giants use Bank Shot as their go-to solution for sending and receiving earnest money, commission checks, broker fees, option fees, closing funds, rental payments, due diligence fees and more.

Whether you’re looking to scan a check, use a digital check, or do an ACH transfer, Bank Shot has you covered.

1. Pay How You Want

Earnest money, commission checks, broker fees: send and receive it all easily by scanning your physical checks.

2. Send and Receive Funds Quicker

Checks clear within one day so you can access funds when you need them.

3. Take Control of the Process

Payments go directly to the company portal first to reject, hold, or deposit.

Our results speak for themselves

Deposits made
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Meet the leadership team

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Our values

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We believe in making deliberate, meaningful decisions that benefit our customers.

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We strive to see things through the eyes of our customers and teammates.

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Our team prioritizes innovation and responsiveness, allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of our customer and market.

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Great relationships are built on trust. That's why we prioritize open, honest communication.

What the press say about us

Don't take our word for it, hear what others in the industry are saying.

“Bank Shot is the leading mobile app for real estate payments"

"...allowing users to safely and securely deposit funds, including earnest money, real estate funds, rental deposits and more, through the Bank Shot mobile app. Funds can be sent and received in under 24 hours, allowing agents complete control of whether to accept, hold or reject them. Save time, money and hassle with Bank Shot."

"The safest earnest money app on the market"

"...while most companies undergo this security process once a year, Bank Shot does it daily, keeping their customers protected 24/7."

"The first and only solution on the real-estate market that offers digital checks as a payment option."

"...this feature is added to the arsenal of its other fast, safe, and compliant payment methods that the customers are using to send and receive earnest money and other real estate funds."