New & Improved Digital Disbursements Solutions

New & Improved Digital Disbursements Solutions

Give yourself an edge over other businesses with digital disbursements.

When you’re spending $12-$20 to mail a check, the fees add up quickly. Not to mention the time lost during the 2-3 days agents have to wait for their payments to be processed in order to earn commission.

With Bank Shot’s new and improved Disbursements solution, you can cut costs and reduce latencies by submitting agent commissions, buyer/seller proceeds, and more via our patented portal.

What’s new?

Dual Signature & Approval

To meet state requirements

Batch Upload

via CSV

As many transactions at a time as you need

Schedule Recurring Payments

and reduce manual processes by up to 75%

The Process

1. Create

a disbursement

2. Review

accept, hold or reject

3. Submit

submitted payments

Building the perfect payments platform doesn’t come overnight, which is why we’re constantly improving the Bank Shot product based on feedback from our customers. Join the revolution now by becoming a Bank Shot customer, and let us know what you’d like to see from your go to digital payment solution.

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