Send Earnest Money Easier Than Ever

Send Earnest Money Easier Than Ever

Nowadays it feels like you need an app for everything (i.e. listening to music, shopping, even making restaurant reservations). However, having to create yet another account or using more of your device’s storage can create an unnecessary boundary, especially in the world of real estate.

By using Bank Shot’s Web-Based Receivables Feature, users are able to send earnest money payments directly from their web browsers. So whether you’re accessing the link from your phone, desktop, or any other device, creating and sending payments is easier than ever. No downloads or account setups required.

4-Step Process

1. Find Your Company

Find your broker by searching a company code

2. Transaction Details

Select “Send earnest money” and provide the required information, including name, agent, and address

3. Authenticate

Securely authenticate with your financial institution

4. Send Payment

Securely send your payment to your company or agent
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