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Send and receive funds in under 24 hours.

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Send transactions via ACH or check capture.

Save Money

Save a drive and costly courier fees. Send and receive funds straight from your phone. 

Gain Peace of Mind

No paper check means no worrying about forgetting it, or dealing with the risk of carrying your life savings in your back pocket.
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The #1 way to pay in Real Estate.

Finally, there’s a modern way to pay in real estate. Most home buyers prefer to pay digitally, which is why Bank Shot has quickly become the #1 way to pay in Real Estate, offering quick and easy payments directly from your web browser.

An Easy Way to Pay

Bank Shot is the only payment method that offers multiple options, including:

Check Capture

Simply take a picture of the front and back of your paper check.

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Fast and Efficient

No need to co-ordinate checks or drive them around town. Send and receive funds in under 24 hrs.

Industry Leading Security

Eliminate risk with Bank Shot.

Check21 Compliance

A properly prepared substitute check is the legal equivalent of an original check.

Check encryption

All check information is encrypted and secure before being sent or received, ensuring protection against fraud.

SOC 2 Compliance

We keep our customer data private.

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How Bank Shot works:

Follow the link

and enter your company code.

Send Earnest Money

by filling out the transaction details.

Capture your check

upload a picture of the back and front.

Send payment

and receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Hear how our customers are thriving

“Our team loves Bank Shot.”

"Before Bank Shot, our team members were carving out time to hand-deliver commission and earnest money checks to our office for deposit. This often slowed our ability to deposit earnest money and commissions into our account. Bank Shot has allowed us to streamline our commission and earnest money depositing process and save our team valuable time to dedicate to their sales efforts. Our entire team loves having Bank Shot."

Mara Gillott
Ops Manager & Realtor

“Bank Shot has rapidly become the best time saving tool for commission processing.”

"As a technology-based company, the Bank Shot app has provided another avenue for our agents to conduct business quickly, efficiently and with the details that the company requires. Bank Shot has rapidly become the best remote access and time-saving tool for commission processing."

Tracy Vokac
Charles Rutenberg Office

“Bankshot has been an integral part of managing our business.”

“We have always been a technology-focused company, but with the recent pandemic forcing us all to work remotely, technology has become even more important than it was before. Bank Shot has been an integral part of managing our business remotely by allowing us to seamlessly transition to a remote office while still allowing our agents to turn in commission checks and continue to be paid within the same time frame they normally would even with us not physically being in the office.”

Megan Vokac
Charles Rutenberg Office Staff

“Bankshot is a game-changer.”

"BankShot has been an absolute game-changer to our business. Our customers are so impressed by the ease of the app and the ability to deposit funds and receive receipts so quickly from escrow. Fast forward now to the current state of affairs and we are so thankful that we implemented BankShot when we did, as it allowed us to easily implement remote operations without disrupting the client experience."

Jen Post
Prestige Escrow
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